STAGE Built in 2014. AREA 160 m2.

In “Paseo de Alameda”, right in the centre of Valencia, Jauja restaurant opens its kitchen; daytime, to Valencian tradition of Balaguer rices and, at night, to the New York heritage of Sandwich Club. On the one hand, culture and tradition, on the other, a cool and young concept for Valencian nights.

From that duality is for Rubio and Ros born the excuse to create a mestizo space, combining the idea of an inherit past with a close present. Thus, are recovered some representative elements from Casa Balaguer. There are some objects that now cannot be deleted by the future, such as the glass cabinet of a fantastic wine cellar, the old wooden and marble table, or the green glints produced by the old blown glass pots. White clay lattice stands out, vitrified in certain places on purpose, as a kind of sieve between kitchen and the rest of the room. An element often used in the mediterranean and set aside until now, just as an decorative element. This area not only filters light and glances but also softens the visual weight of the closing system that is used at he same time as a path to the waiters area and the rest of the bar.

Natural raffia palm walls and palms drawing wall paper, wicker, brass and wood lamps, expressly hand made for the project, dark blue plywood wall lining… are the materials and the elements that shape this natural space, calm and plenty of light. And with this, light, color, texture and plot, the goal of generate a calm, natural, warm, light full, pleasant and cosy environment which refers us to the idea of “an ideal or idyllic place where prevails abundance” the idea of a place called Jauja.