Rubio and Ros was founded in 2012. Since then, we have been working on the the fields of industrial design and residential and commercial interior design. Our studio is located in a excepcional settlement within the historical center of the city of Valencia. Our work is to offer an exceptional service of complete design to every customer, guaranteeing maximum quality. We thoroughly study every project in form, distribution, composition and finishings, attending in this way to each and every one of the aspects which take part in a refurbishing project, detailing and refining them with great accuracy. Thus, our studio pays attention to the technical and creative process of an interior design project both contract and residential.

The essence of Rubio and Ros’ work lies in the balance between wealth and containment, between order and complexity. Our work is clear, organized and emotional, and expresses, implicitly, our quality, details and durability standpoint. Timeless aesthetic designs, with natural materials which maintain containment and refinement principles and result in a poetic dwelling. From a  great comprehension of materiality, composition and form, Rubio and Ros works not only for a physical but also an emotional design experience. The studio works in order to shape every space, adding intention to aesthetic and expression to form.

Isabel Rubio and Amparo Ros lead the design and construction in each project of the studio. Passionate about the design which impacts and in favor of human experiences in which senses are involved. “We believe in that substance transmitting good design, that one which emits and by which we get intoxicated with emotion”.

Isabel Rubio

ISABEL RUBIO is graduated by the Arts and Design Advanced School of Valencia.

She is a founding partner of Rubio and Ros with more than a decade of experience as a designer at the national and international level. Educated also in Art History, underneath her designer vision are the proper artwork codes of light, superficiality, texture and composition. Her education was completed by a naval architecture postgraduate at the Art and Design Advanced School of Valencia.

Amparo Ros

AMPARO ROS, founder of Rubio and Ros, is graduated by the Arts and Design Advanced School of Valencia and is at the same time graduated by the Drama Advanced School of Valencia in 2003. Nourished by this last spaces and human experience study discipline, the staging of object, light, substance, forms and movements as active codes filled with sense. Her perspective has been moulded by more than a decade of professional experience in architecture and design fields and enhanced by her interest in the study of arts as expression vehicles.